Day 97 - #Foodie


I'm so glad I found this design on InspirationDE. What captured me were the use of different colours, textures and styles.

To be honest, this design wasn't hard at all. The hardest part I'd say would be finding the right pictures to suit the style. Luckily I was able to find a picture of a verital plate that matched the aesthetics of the white background. Also for the pictures on the right side, I actually cropped them from a bigger image. I decided to do it this way because the style for each picture would be consistent. It was hard to find the right watercolour paint for the background. So, I filled it with a gradient from blue to green and changed the opacity to receive the texture of the original picture.

Another things I kind of struggled with was the font type. As for "Chalar," I used font Cedarville Cursive with a regular weight. I also added a shadow to it so that it'll show up on the white background. As for the text Dinner Consultant and Side Dishes, I used font Euphoria Script. I'm actually not very fond of this font as it doesn't match the style of the page, but I had to use it because there weren't other fonts I liked more.

Even though this was an easy design to create, there was a lot of content I needed to consider for this design. I'm happy that I was able to try out new styles with a clean design.