Day 94 - Listen Up!

Day94_Listen Up!

I wasn't able to find the source of the image, so this is what I wanted to recreate:

Day94 Copy

Again, I'm quite happy I was able to pick a design I liked and changed some things to make it even better. My first step in creating this design was to find an appropriate image. Because the headphone I found was black, the colours of the background and text had to be a little different to make the image pop out. The background needed to be lighter and the text needed to be brighter if it lays over the image. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I should've done that, but that was the only way to show the text.

I played around with replicating and cropping the headphone image so it lies both above and beneath the purple background. It's definitely not cropped perfectly, but it'll do for this design.

Another thing I wanted to address was the colourful string like image in the background. At first, I was planning to place it beside the company name, but decided to stretch it out in the background instead. I found that this helped bring the headphone out of the design and added more colour to the website as well. I actually had trouble on the placement for this colourful design, because I had to juggle between placing it behind text or not behind text. Placing it directly behind the text means that the colour of the text would have to change in order for it not get lost in the colours. Because of this, I decided to place it right at an angle where it is the background for the company name only.

This design also allowed me to explore different colours and designs. I think I may want to incorporate more of the colourful swirls in my design as it's something different compared to what I usually do. All in all, I'm happy with the result that came out of this.