Day 93 - Meet the Team

Day93_Meet the Team

Today I decided to copy a design that represented a team of a company. I found a neat design on Dribbble , however, similar to yesterday's design I decided to change it up a bit to my liking. I copied style of the site is pretty much the same, but there were some little bits I wanted to add in.

Looking back at the Dribbble design, I made quite a few changes. First, I expanded the pictures. The problem with this is that, if the company team grows bigger, I'm not too sure how I would incorporate more team members. Questions like "Should I create another line? Should I decrease the size of the circles?" popped into my head. Another change I made was the top bar. I created this bar to provide a navigation and sense of placement for the user on the site. This allows the user to fully know where they are, and can direct themselves to the area they want to be in. Lastly, for the clicked team member image, instead of having an "information" icon, I decided to fill it up with the employee's image instead.

This was a pretty easy design to create, but it requires a lot of thought before it can be finalized. There are many design decisions to be made here, and I'm happy I got to question some of my decisions. I would want to further add the interactions to this design, such as how the image expands out and how the name drops down when it's clicked.

Once again, I'm happy I was able to choose a design where I continued to change things as I went through. Creating this design helped me explore different options and routes, and allowed me to choose the best one.