Day 92 - Hey Beautiful

Day92_Hey Beautiful

I found a design on Dribbble that interested me quite a bit and decided to replicate it. However throughout the process, I wanted to make some changes in order to make it more interesting. Because of that, I decided to add/take out some items. Special thanks to my design friends who gave me with some design tips :).

I began by placing the png image into the blank canvas, then I played around with the fonts to see which one fit the website. I ended up choosing Font Hind Madurai for the main title, with a character spacing of 17. As for the title "Women", I used a character spacing of 25. Other than that, all the text were at a spacing of 0.

All the icons were very simple and easy to create, as I have created them many times in other designs. The main trick for the different coloured shapes were being able to place them between layers.

As for changes, I took out the ladder shape after the L letter. I took it out because it was getting busy and it didn't build up character for the page. Also, I added two block lines located on the bottom left and the top right. This got rid of the empty space and added texture and direction. At first, I wasn't going to add a Call-to-Action button, because there is a Shop button at the top, however it wasn't enough to push an action out of the user.

All in all, I'm actually really happy that I chose this design. I was able to remove things that I didn't like from the Dribble design and add in things that made my design work.