Day 90 - Watch you buying?

Day90_Watch you buying?

I decided to copy a design I had found on Dribbble. I chose to copy this one instead of the other ones because this was something new I've never done before. Having the product items on the side as well as the description of a single item. So, I wanted to try it out.

There definitely weren't any huge boulders I had to conquer, but instead, this design pulled a lot of skills I have learned for the past 90 days. As for the individual watches, I had to Magic Wand all of them to get rid of the background. The reason why the background for the selected item is not in a dark grey, because the Magic Wand didn't fully remove the white background. So, if the background was darker, one can see a white outline around the watch. Also for the top and bottom watch images, I created a gradient fill with different opacities to create the effect.

One thing I added to this design is the ability for the user to change the colour of the watch. It came natural to me to add a white border for the selected colour. I feel like I've done this design before, but not too sure when. I should look for more inspiration on how to make the selection different as well instead of constantly using a white border and a shadow.

This was a fun design that I created and I can for sure say that this design covered a lot of techniques I've learned for the past couple months. Not only that, I was able to bring in other things I've discovered and bring it to this design to make it better.