Day 87 - Mister McLaren

Day87_Mister McLaren

I decided to recreate Steve Fraschini's design on Dribbble. However, I changed some of the content on it, such as the type of car and the written text.

I asked my friend for a type of car he really liked and he said "McLaren P1." And that's what I decided to focus my design on. Luckily I was able to find that type of car in PNG format with a shadow. This simplified and eliminated many steps for me. As for the background, I created a gradient and added 3 levels, the first and third level being the same colour and making the middle level white. With this technique, I realized it made the image pop up and the background more interesting.

For the text, I tried to create a white gradient. However, this was hard to achieve because of the white car. For the example, because it was a green/teal car, the text was more clear. This created a challenge. So, in order to make the text stand out, I decided to copy the text three times. This definitely helped.

On design element I wasn't sure of adding was the navigation bar on the left side. I felt it drew the focus away from the big image. As for the colours of the top and bottom left corners, I decided to create a light grey instead of a teal to tone down the focus of the left bar. To be honest, I'm not too sure what would happen when the buttons on the side are clicked - definitely something I need to explore a bit more.

Overall, I'm happy with the result of the design, but not confident in the left bar of the UI. It was fun creating this one, but now I think I should focus on the "meaning" for the placement of the different elements on the page.