Day 81 - What do you want to eat?

Day81_What do you want to eat?

I wanted to create a website that showed the recipe of a specific food item. However, after 30 minutes of trying to find a UI I liked, I gave up. Then luckily, I found another design I really liked - restaurant menu item. So I decided to recreate it.

I definitely focused on the visuals for this design instead of the User Experience. If I was to place incorporate some UX into this design, I would deinitely add the names of the menu items and add a price on the right column where the menu item slides out.

The main struggle I had to go through for this design was to find the appropriate pictures that suited this screen the most. For the brand of this restaurant, I was going for a simple, clean and fairly expensive-style. Therefore, I tried to look for images that had a white background. Not only that, I also had to make sure the gourmet food was placed nicely onto the place and was in high resolution.

As for the menu on the right, I took the image from Trendland. I decided to focus on the design rather than the written content, so I used the font Lorem Ipsum font. Also, I tried to use a different font for the product name and it worked well! I wouldn't say it was the best font to use, but it was the best one I could find on Google Fonts.

To be honest, I wasn't sure if I should've added the shadow for the right box. I wanted to make it look like a menu. However, I read somewhere that making the interface look like a physical product doesn't always work.

Overall, I'm happy with the result of the interface. I followed through with the brand I was going for, so the whole interface looks like one whole - simple, clean and high quality.