Day 79 - Credit Card Please

Day79_Credit Card Please

Today I worked on building a clean and simple UI for a website on desktop. It's definitely one of the easier designs I've created, but I'm happy with the amount of detail I had to include.

Because I've decided to create the UI for a payment form, it is very important that all the details and clear and easy to follow. An example would be the Expiry Date. I placed the MM/YY into the text field just in case the user doesn't know what order/format it needs to be in. The user shouldn't question anything at this point and successful UI would mean that the user can confirm its payment without having doubts. The page should have all the information it needs from the customers.

Another thing that I wanted to make sure that it looked reliable to the users. Many people are afraid of giving out their credit card information. If the site looks like a scam, then it is guaranteed that little to no one will be filling out their card details to pay money.

It's crazy to think how much impact a clean design can have on users. I found out through this design that with different UI moods, it can completely change the user's thoughts about the website. For example, a messy and cluttered payment page may cause the user to think the website is fake. Another example would be using dull and dirty colours for a fresh grocery store. It'll give the user an idea of the grocery store being dirty and unfresh. So design is very important and it might even be the determining point of whether transactions go through or not.