Day 78 - Be Right Back

Day78_Be Right Back

For the past couple days, I've been constantly checking flight prices for a vacation in the near future. I realized it gets super stressful when there's a great flight deal, because it might be gone in the next minute. It's even worse if the website is cluttered, disorganized and confusing (aka not user-friendly). So today, I decided to search for some UI inspirations for travel websites on Pinterest and replicated one I liked.

I changed the location details to make it relevant to myself. I can say that this wasn't too hard, but compared to the other designs I have created, this design involved a lot more structural alignment. I'm still trying to figure out a way to property align the text within equally spaced rectangles. It's hard to explain, but what I'm struggling with is to keep the amount of words within one side of the page no matter how many characters they have. When I use the horizontally alignment, it is based on the number of characters. So what I want to do is equally space the icons/words based on its one unit rather than its size.

I also played around with the spacing for certain words. This is evident in the title of the page: Hawaii. This spacing allows for the user to easily read the content on the page. I've only used this for words that are more important and mainly for those that already look cluttered.

Overall, pretty thorough design. I included all the things I would want to see if I were to book a flight for Hawaii. If I were to go further with this design, I would add a "Compare Prices" option where the site gathers all the flight deals from the airline sites and arranges the flights from lowest price to highest price.