Day 72 - Direct Me to the Finish

Day72_Direct Me to the Finish

I learned something new today! Super excited that I figured out a new tool. I've been wondering if there was a simpler way of creating a pattern around a circle.

I used the new tool for the compass screen. The little markers along the circular path was the main highlight of today's design. In order to create this design, I had to create a line. Then after creating the desired line length, I went to Layer, then Paths and then Rotate Copies. Clicking on Rotate Copies will generate a popup, asking the number of designs wanted along the circular path. After all the settings are completed, clicking "OK" will result in the consistent and equally spaced circle pattern.

To be honest, I didn't do much for the Congratulations screen. I just tried to create an overlay for the hike stats. This screen appears after the user has clicked the "Finish" button on the top right.

I wouldn't say I placed a lot of effort into this one, but I'm glad I was able to learn a new tool that I've been searching for a long time.