Day 69 - Grapefruit


Another mobile screen for today! I created one for the product page.

Compared to the other mobile screen, it was easier to design this product page. The main design decision I had to encounter was: How should I layout the first section of the page? Instead of placing all the images on the screen, I decided to display it through the number of circles based on the number of pictures. As for the call-to-action buttons (Add to Cart and 1-Click Purchase buttons). Also for the Add to my Wishlist button, I brought it up to the top, so it wouldn't get lost under all the buttons. This also allows for more visibility.

I kept everything else pretty much the same as the desktop version - one column down.

Currently, I'm deciding if I want to create another screen for both the desktop and mobile. I'll probably create another screen just to make the project more rounded.