Day 65 - Twisted


Today is my second day of trying out 3D design. Instead of using Meshmixer again today, I chose to play around with another Autodesk program: Maya. I wouldn't say it's harder, but there were definitely some basic functions I had to learn.

I've always wanted to try creating product/package design. But in order for me to create graphics or texture on the product, I need to have a product. And that was what today was for: Creating a product. I started with a primitive (that's what users call shapes in Maya). I've seen a design where the product is twisted around and I wanted to recreate it. With a square primitive, I sectioned it to 3x3x3. In order to get the "twisted" design, I rotated the top two layers, then after, I rotated the first layer in the same direction. After getting the twisted design, I wanted the faces to be smooth, instead of angular faces. To achieve this, I had to select 9 faces of one side all at once, then used the smooth 9 times.

I tried to look for a way to smooth out the vertical lines for the corners, but couldn't find a way. Hopefully I'll be able to in the future. In order to export the 3D shape into an image, I had to create a render view of the object, then saved it as a PNG. After saving it in PNG, I decided to bring it over to Sketch and change the colour tone of it from grey to purple.

I'm excited for the different designs I could make with Maya. Today was just the beginning.