Day 64 - Turnip


Today was rough. Not because the design was hard, but because the saving process was really confusing. This extended my design process an extra two hours. My computer started lagging, but now, it's time to move on. Let's talk about the design.

I'm trying to move into a different aspect of design - 3D Design and Product Design. I wanted to try out Maya but then its download process was taking way too long (by the time I finish this, it's probably still at 0%). So, I decided to look at alternatives: Meshmixer. I focused on the Sculting tool, both volume and Surface. It was confusing at first, and I was definitely climbing up that learning curve. The UX on Meshmixer is definitely not the best, and I have lots of tips on how to make it better. But putting that aside, there are many things I need to learn to make better 3D objects. I started out with the given Circle object, then scrulpted it to create the lines. I can definitely say that this was probably not the best way to create a turnip, but I learned lots from this software. I mainly used the Spike tool in Brushes. This was a really fast tool to create extreme lines.

Some questions I have about this program hopefully can be answered by my future self: How can you undo a certain scrulpt (ex: a point sticking out)? How do you push into the object to create dents? How do you add colour to the object? These are just some simple questions I hope to have the answer to one day.

It was fun creating this one. I'm still confused as to how the saving formats work, I guess I'll find out when I use this software more. But honestly, I think I prefer Maya than Meshmixer after using them both.