Day 63 - Let's Travel

Day63_Let's Travel

I came up with an idea of creating an app that shows the traveller's flight details.

I wanted to create a lively app that shows excitement of travelling hence the colour orange. As for the layout of this app, I wouldn't say this is one of my favourites. I realized creating an app like this requires a lot of specific detail, such as boarding times and locations, terminal and gate numbers, as well as the duration of flights. I wouldn't be surprised if I missed a couple of important details. Also, for the text, I used the font: Lato. I'm not sure if I stretched it too much vertically for the some of the text, especially for the Summary screen.

Sadly, the ticket screen isn't much better than the summary screen. there's a lot of empty space between the flight time details and the airline ticket. I wasn't too sure of what else to put in there. Maybe the date perhaps? Also, I'm not so sure how I feel about the spacing for the 15:35. I feel I spaced it a bit too much. Other than that, every thing looks clean and easy to understand. I had quite a bit of fun creating the barcode. It was easy to create (only used rectangles) and the outcome was what I wanted it to be.

Definitely a challenge to create this one. It made me realize how important it is to do user research beforehand to know what is important to the user and what they want/need to know before, during and after their flight.