Day 62 - Movie Time

Day62_Movie Time

I wanted to go light today. Nothing too hard, but still learn the basic functions of Sketch.

I would say the most tedious and least fun part was definitely the seatings grid. This involved constant grid checks, specific alignment details, and the right spacing between all the squares. As for the colours, I had the most trouble on the seating grid screen. I wanted the colours to align with Rogue One's poster, but also have enough colour and shades to differentiate the available and unavailable seats. Another thing I had to work with was the space under the seating. I wasn't sure of what information the users would want to have. Thinking from previous experiences, I remember only price and number of tickets were important to me. And that was what I included. To avoid a blank white space underneath the information, I included a convex rectangle under the Checkout button.

I wouldn't say this design was one of my favourite ones, but I'm happy with the outcome with the time I had.