Day 61 - How Long Can Your Phone Last?

Day61_How Long Can Your Phone Last?

So happy with today's result. I decided to change one of the apps that came with my phone - the Battery Usage app. I decided to change the original white theme to a darker theme.


The main reason for choosing app was to try designing the graph again. I've done it once for the Dashboard app (Day 40). However, I wanted to see if I was able to do it faster and better. I remember the Dashboard app took me a good 4 hours. This time around, it definitely took me lesser time and I'm happy with the outcome. Also, instead of using green and white colours, I went with dark grey and blue, with a hint of orange. I think all the colours worked really well together. One thing I wanted to experiment with this design was the gradient under the graph. By following the colour palette, it worked well with the rest of the app, giving it consistency.

The hardest part was the visual hierarchy portion. I had to make sure which parts were more important, so that I can bold them, make them all capitalized letters, or even adjust the gradient on them. Overall, this was really fun to create and I'm super happy with the outcome.

The only thing I wasn't sure of was whether I should've added a menu button for the solo text messaging screen. The menu would include things such as delete messages, but I figured if the user wants to delete certain messages, they would hold down the specific message. As for page layout edits, such as colour and font, I figured it'd get too messy if each contact had different styles, so I decided to stick with the general layout edit. This means that if the user decides to change the text messaging app theme, it'll be applied to all text messages. This can be changed through the main screen of the app.