Day 58 - Challenge Yourself


I wanted to go light today, by only focusing on the slide-out interaction when the hamburger button is pressed.

It was an easy task, but the main thing I had to focus on were the categories within the Menu. What would users want to see on this app? Is a challenge enough to keep them coming back? What else would they want? I decided to add more exercises/challenges into the app, where the user will be able to make it more personal. They will be able to choose what kind of challenge they want, and exercises they would want to do on the side.

As for colour choice, I wasn't sure if it was something suitable for this app. I decided on this colour because it is vibrant, bright and energetic. I decided not to choose red because it is warm, an environment users may not want to be in when doing this type of exercise. This made me realize the environment that the user is using this app in is very important. If it doesn't suit the environment they are in, it's unlikely they will use it.

This was a simple design to create. I wouldn't say I learned lots visually, but the process that got me to where it came out to be was definitely the more important part. This really helped me focus on catering this app towards the user's wants.