Day 56 - GetFIT


Today I decided to create something related to health. As I started to explore the different routes in health, I remembered that my friends use an app to track their meals. So I reached out to one of them and asked what they usually focus on in the app. She said she focused mostly on her Calorie count on the fitness app: My Fitness Pal. From this, I decided to make a screen focused mainly on calorie count.

For the GetFIT's homepage, I wanted to create something similar to MyFitnessPal. There will be a newsfeed of recent articles written by GetFIT that encourages healthy living. By clicking the hamburger icon, this will allow the user to access the different tools within GetFIT. One of them is the Calorie Count tool.

As for the Calories page, I wanted to make sure the user can visually understand how many calories they have to consume until they have reached their goal. As for the meals, the user will be able to click the different circles to input their meal, by taking a picture and inputting the calorie intake for that meal. Then the app will automatically calculate the number of calories taken for the day. I wasn't sure if the Nutrient Balance Score was necessary as there is a separate screen for that. Now that I think about it, I should've taken it out.

One thing I would change/add to the Calorie screen is the ability for the user to navigate to different days.

This was definitely one of the more fun designs I created. I got to talk to a real user to hear what they liked and disliked about their current app.