Day 55 - What time is it over there?

Day55_What Time is it Over There?

This was a really fun design to create. These past couple days, I've been in touch with friends and family from all around the world, and it inspired me to look for apps that show the different timezones my friends are in. So I grabbed an image off of Google and copied it. I really liked how the 3D effect turned out on the Timezone page and the colours worked really well together.

There were a couple things I've tried differently for this design. First, for the 3D effect, I had to save the Edmonton tile as PNG before I could transform the whole thing. However, after the transforming it, the quality died down, the edges were not crisp anymore. Question to future self: Is there a way to transform an image without changing its quality? I'm sure there's a way, but this will do for now.

As for the icons, I didn't find them on Google this time! I used Fontawesome (suggested by my mentor) and it worked great. They're different than regular icons, because the ones from Fontawesome are actually text. So to size them, the text size will need to change. Another question to future self: What if the icons from FontAwesome do not suit style of the app? Does this mean that I'll need to create my own icons?

I'm really satisfied with this design, as it is creative and simple in colours. I love how when the user slides the tile to the right, the 3D effect appears - this might get a little messy and slow down the app, but it was definitely worth the fun and the learning.