Day 53 - New Blog


Today's design made me realize the importance of consistency. Today I was working on two side assignments that involved a blog post and a newsfeed. So, I decided to combine the two to create a single Blog application. And wow, it definitely took a lot of effort, and even with the "finished" product, I can say it still needs a ton of work.

For the homepage, I wanted the user to be able to see a list of blogs they have subsribed to, with the most recent blog post at the top. This page needs the most work. I still haven't captured the visual aspect of the post being clickable. To be honest, I don't think this newsfeed works for this design, it just doesn't really make sense. I tried so hard to make it work. Maybe I need to incorporate pictures or just something else to make look like the post is clickable.

At first, I was going to place it in a 2xgrid (shown above). This grid allows the user to group blogs into their desired categories. However, as I was working on this, it wasn't asethetically pleasing, so I decided to scrape it.

As for the blog page, I really liked the design of it until I placed the Newsfeed screen next to it. The consistency just wasn't there. The text was different, the alignment was all over the place, the icons were different - a lot needed to be changed in order to keep it consistent. I tried changing the colour, it worked, but it was still not good enough.

There's still a lot of work I need to put into this, but because of time constraints, I have decided to just keep it as is.