Day 52 - Counting Down


I can definitely say that this was one of the hardest designs I have created and I'm still not fully satisfied with it.

I spent quite a bit of time deciding what elements were needed for this design. I got a suggestion from a friend on what to create: A Countdown. She noted that she wanted to know the number of days when she’ll come back home to Vancouver. Then, I asked her what else she was looking for. She only wanted a simple design that changes depending on the type of event, such as a vacation or wedding.

So, I began with page where the user will be able to see all their countdowns. I struggled on deciding what kind of elements were needed on this screen. I took out the details and only added the number of days and the event name. Also, I decided to separate Past Events and Future Events. Past events is pretty much counting (up) the days, this can be used for counting the number of days one has gone without eating meat or the number of days one took to paint a painting. I wasn't sure of what kind of colours to use for this design - this was hard because the pictures were all of different tones/hues/colours.

As for the counting down page, I wanted to keep it simple because that was what my user wanted. However, I added some elements that might be useful for my user, such as Edit and Share.

This was my first design that I took from someone and had them tell me why they would use it and what they want it to look like. It was an interesting design to cover, especially starting from scratch. I'm hoping that my thinking process and decision making will be faster next time I get a design suggestion from someone.