Day 49 - Notes


I decided to create a list of notes. However, I wasn't satisified with my result. The "Notes" homepage took less than 30 minutes and wasn't really a challenge, so I created another mockup where the user is able to Add and Edit a note, and was much happier with the result.

One new thing I've tried for these designs was the "Show Layout" option. Instead of creating my own layout, I tried using the one that was already in the app.

For the Homepage, I liked how simple and clean I created it, with a hint of blue. The main struggle for me was the text. I wanted it to be a little fancy but not too distracting. However, with the Bondoni 72 Oldstyle font, the numbering system drops a level lower than their alphabet. It bothered me at first, then I began to get used to it. Other than that, everything was pretty easy to create.

As for the Edit Note screen, I actually had a lot of fun creating this one. There were some parts where I had to continuously modify, such as the highlight box and the sizes of the pop-up text with the different options. I tried to keep the colours consistent, by incorporating a few blues. I wasn't sure if making the background blue for the part on top of the keyboard was a good idea, as it draws away from the main text field.

Also, this is the first design I've created that includes a keyboard. :)