Day 44 - Call Me Maybe


I decided to copy my phone's dial pad. However, along the way, I found buttons that I don't normally use and decided to omit them in my design.

The most difficult thing I've encountered while creating this design was the alignment of the numbers, both vertically and horizontally. It was harder than I thought it was going to be. Even though it didn't take long, a lot of effort was put into lining up the numbers and the letters so that it looks like a set of numbers than individual parts placed into one.


Above is a picture of my phone's current dial pad. Even though it's going for a clean look, there are many items on here that I haven't used before, such as the text messenging button, and one that is in grayscale (I can't even click it for some reason). I decided to only keep one button at the bottom, which is the dial button, to make it simple and clean. As for the delete/backspace button, I moved it right next to where the numbers will be appearing.

I've also decided to change the colours to make it a little more interesting. Even though this may not match android's theme, but being able to personalize it, adds a nice twist to the user's phone.