Day 42 - Race to the Top


I love the neon colours on this one. I wanted to go for a techno/electronic-like leaderboard for a non-existent game.

This was really fun to create, especially when I was choosing who to add on the leaderboard. The small details that I like are the three dots in the middle, where it can expand to all the users between "You" and the top 3 of the leaderboard. Another thing I added was the Online/Offline availability. All the users are outlined either in green or in red. Green states that the user is currently playing the game, and red states that they are not in the game. I wasn't too sure if the green and red colours would make the screen look really busy, as it adds two extra colours to the page. However, this is something many games do, so I decided to keep them.

One thing I didn't assign a task to are the neon bars for each user. It doesn't really state what the bar is for nor what it's supposed to show. I was thinking using it as the user's current health within the game.