Day 26 - How would you like to pay?


This took a lot longer than I thought it would. Not saying it's a bad thing, but I guess simple designs are actually not that simple.

Originally, I had the idea of only adding the Name, Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV and the CTA. But then, just like yesterday, I decided to challenge myself once again, by adding more elements. I found pngs for all the credit cards and placed a border around them. In order to show that which credit card was chosen, I decided to border around the selected credit card in a fainted blue colour with some shadows.

Because it is a credit card transaction, I tried to keep it minimal and professional as possible. This includes the colour of grey and white, but also adding hints of a blue/teal colour.

Also, I didn't add a cancel button because from experience, sometimes it'd take me to a page I didn't expect. So, I decided to create the flow at the top of the page, which allows the customer to click to whichever process they want to go back to. This not only allows for freedom, but also lets the customer know the number of steps the checking out process is.