Day 25 - Sign-Up


I'm transitioning to UI design instead of doing random graphics now.

I subscribed to Daily UI to get some inspiration from them. Today, they asked me to create a Sign-Up page and this was what I came up with. I had to look for examples from Google to have a sense of what is usually within a Sign-up form. I started out with the basics: Username, Email, Password and Signup.

However, I wanted to challenge myself by adding more elements. So I added Connect for both Facebook and Twitter. I feel that those were good additions, especially we're now all connected on Facebook. This also allows the app to collect data from those who are signing up.

Next, I added the function of switching back and forth between Sign In and Sign Up. I wasn't planning on creating this at first, but I find this feature to be very useful, so I added it in.

I wouldn't say this is a clean design, because of all the elements cluttered onto one page. I need to ask others' opinions on this. But I felt this was really fun and I'm happy what came out of it.