Day 11 - Bizarre Olive


This turned out worse than I thought. :(

I ended up spending a good 3 hours creating this piece. I just wasn't feeling it today. At first, I thought it was going to take an hour or so, but as I continued, the reflections, the colours, the details and even it being too simple, all got to me. I started by copying a real life drink but that got too complicated, so I switched into semi-copying a graphic form drink by changing some colours.

The easier the design, the harder it is to create.
This is so true. This drink was acutally A LOOT harder to create than I thought, it fooled me. But on the bright side, I got quite a bit of practice with Masks.

Mistakes followed by corrections were constantly made. And in the end, I'm far from satisfied. This was the first time I did something reflective/transparent on computer, and I realized I should've review some techniques I've learned back in the day when I sketched before I started this design.

I'll definitely come back to this. Or something else that's reflective.